Sunglasses can be a girls best friend oakley radar xl blades, especially when wanting to hide those tired eyes or avoid the blare of flash bulbs, so it is no wonder so many celebrities are seen so often wearing their favorite shades.Madonna chose to wear her Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses when posing for press recently.Looking every inch the star she is Madonna hid her tired eyes behind YSL shades. She remains a busy workaholic with her recent mother-daughter clothing brand Material Girl being launched, directing ambitions, and modeling contracts continuing.Find your YSL sunglasses at SOLSTICE Sunglasses Boutique or follow the boutique @SolsticeShadesAdvertisement

1.?? CUFFLINKS-These days they can be worn casually or with a dress shirt.? A great look is wearing a button down oakley monster dog ducati, collared shirt under a sweater, rolling up the sleeves and cuffing them with a link? This is a very charming look and not very expensive.? They are available at Target.2.? WALLETS-This is easy.? How many men do you see with?distressed wallets?? As woman, we like to go for fashion, but tried to find one with quality so it lasts more than a year.? A quality wallet does not have to be expensive.? Marshall��s has some great ones.3.? SPORTS WATCHES-Men need something casual for the weekend and the sports.?? This may be an indulgence they do not buy themselves.? These can be bought at any sporting goods store.4.? SUNGLASSES-We need them for the winter as well.? Make sure to find a brand your man likes and stay away if they use prescription eyeglasses, since you will probably ruin the surprise by asking them for their prescription.? ?has some inexpensive sport glasses.Advertisement6.? WOOL SOCKS-Yes, it gets cold in Columbia.? Look at Dick��s Sporting Goods.?7.? A NIICE BELT-Do you find your man wearing brown belts with black shoes? Is the leather all worn out?? A man can never have too many belts like a woman can never have too many shoes.? Belk has a wide selection.8.? SCARVES-A lot of men are too manly to buy their own, but they will thank you on?cold nights.9.? A GYM BAG-Just smell the one your man is carrying now.? Yuck! There are inexpensive ones are at TJ Maxx.10. BIG HEADPHONES-Yes, they are a fashion piece for your teens and tweens.? You might not like it, but they will love you for it.? You can find these at Best Buy.Look for top ten woman's gift accessories in the next article.

Sir and Madame accessories located at 938 N. Damen Chicago, IL. (773) 489-6660 has an array of fabulously chic and unique fashions. Established since 2007, Sir & Madame is a vintage inspired, husband and wife team of Brian and Autumn Merritt boutique that has all things fashion for the trendy lover of vintage.?? This boutique has great finds for men and women who desire a style that is classy and can make a statement. Visit the website atfor a sneak peek at the coolest accessories and apparel that has a modern look but a classic feel. Be ready for a new and improved you when you rock one of these handbags or sport a cool hat. Fun and playful socks, gorgeous sunglasses and much more!? In addition to those fashions, Sir & Madame also carry a wonderful collection of jewelry pieces that are glamorous and can make your existing wardrobe a spark of flair. Pieces include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. There is something for everyone and you won't be disappointed. They also carry a trendy line of legwear that will give your sexy calves a new look!Advertisement, enjoy!

Pineapple is truly a joy: it is utterly delicious and nutritious. Let us consider various aspects of this wonder fruits and in conclusion provide a best practice as to what to do with that tough core.Let us hit the store and purchase some pineapples. Go to the canned fruit section. If the label states ��lite syrup�� or worse yet, ��heavy syrup�� it is trash in a can: perfectly good fruit saturated in sugar (and perhaps it is not perfectly good fruit which is why they saturate it in sugar). While this accounts for 99% of all canned fruit, you can find good old fashioned pineapple slices, chunks or crushed in a can in nothing but its own juices.However��some are asking why bother with the canned stuff at all. Indeed. Well, sometimes fresh pineapple is simply not available. In that case, the best bet is to head to the frozen aisle. The however, is that even with the 100% pineapple content, the canning process robs the pineapple and therefore our bodies of some of its benefits.AdvertisementCut Thru the Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss NutritionFundamentals of Sport and Exercise NutritionSports and Exercise NutritionNSCA's Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition---------------------------------��for while bodily training is of some value,?godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the presentlife and also for the life to come����1 Timothy 4:8If you enjoyed this article Examiner can keep up to date with this Examiner page by subscribing (for free) at this link.

Ski Bousquet Mountain the Berkshires. The deal is $40 for a lift ticket, lesson, rental, and access pass, which is half price. Bousquet Mountain is located at 101 D Fox Drive, Pittsfield, MA.This deal expires November 18 at 11:59p.m.Half off winter vacation packages at Bromley Sun Lodge at Bromley Mountain in Vermont. You pay $210.00 for a $420.00 package.This deal expires November 18 at 11:59p.m.Get ready for your winter escape with this half-off deal at Jackson��s Ski and Sport. Buy ski and board equipment, clothing, and tune-ups worth $100.00 for which you will pay $50.00. Jackson��s Ski and Sport is located at 1570 Providence Highway in Norwood, MA.AdvertisementThis deal expires November 18 at 11:59p.m.Smugglers Notch is located at 4323 Vermont Route 108 in Vermont. The deal is $50.00 for $100 toward Club Smugglers' vacation packages at Smugglers�� Notch Resort in Vermont. You can choose from three options starting at $79 per person per night.This deal expires November 17 at 11:59p.m.Check out other deals here.You may want to read aboutwinter hiking escapesCross country skiing is one of the best aerobic exercises on the planet

Being a teenager in today's society can be challenging at best. There are so many temptations lurking that can easily set an impressionable teen on a wrong and sometimes dangerous path. Distraction is everywhere, on the streets, on the tube, and sadly, even in the schools. Peer pressure is around every corner and good choices, sometimes, seem difficult to make. As if that's not hard enough in itself, this is also the time these impressionable teens grow and develop physically and emotionally. Teens who find constructive outlets during this time in their lives tend to fair much better than teens who succumb to temptation. Often when there is nothing to fulfill boredom, loneliness, and self-esteem issues, taking the wrong path becomes a lot more enticing.One of the most disciplined sports a teen can take up is the sport of bodybuilding. It not only trains them to build muscle mass, it trains them mentally.A teen who suffers with confidence issues can experience a 180 degree turnaround just from bodybuilding. This happens due the fact that merely training and being consistent tranforms the body and with that transformation comes the confidence to show it off. The walk changes, there is a sense of pride that comes from a place of certainty, all due to the discipline it takes to remain dedicated and fully focused on an art form that changes you from the inside out. Along with that confidence, comes the ability to make better choices, and although the obstacles may be difficult to face, they become much easier when tackled with confidence than without it. When teens are sure and satisfied that they are making good decisions, they will continue to. This is what bodybuilding provides from the mental aspect; in that discipline overrides destruction.Advertisementdiabetes, and even endorphines. Teens will find that bodybuilding training will increase focus and clarity, all while strenghtening an already growing body.For some teens, the sport of bodybuilding will be frowned upon by their peers and even family for different reasons. Usually, however, if a teen is already into the sport a great bit, unsupportive behavior will not deter them.Bodybuilding can quickly become a life saving pass time that serves several overall purposes; good health, focus, muscle growth self-esteem and discipline. With all of the many distractions made available for teens to see and experience, if bodybuilding is the one thing that becomes their 'drug of choice' so to speak, it can be the biggest blessing they can experience at this time in their lives.FOR MORE INFORMATION:? Bodybuilding Is More Than Just A Sport;? 5 Reasons To Get Into Bodybuilding

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