It's about that time of year again, to break out the sunglasses, matching purses and stylish shoes. This sunny seasonal style is a blast from the past,repetition of the sunglasses trend of the 50s -70s. The mix and match of the new age dressing and the days of old style of sunglasses will make you look trendy at the party.?1. Cat Eye sunglasses –?Prada, the king of the fashion world, reintroduces the Cat Eye sunglasses. The Cat Eye sunglasses were the trend of the '50s (Breakfast at Tiffany's) and needless to say the glasses are in the shape of cat eye and suit the best on square and heart shaped faces. This trend of 2011, is already making news in the market and is available in various different shades to suit your style statement.2. John Lennon sunglasses –?The perfectly round sunglasses of John Lennon are back in the market and this time Dolce and Gabbana and Stella McCartney are making the best out of it. The John Lennon sunglass trend of? 2011 is specially brought back to match your much sophisticated parties this spring/summer. This style also goes well with your light floral dress. This particular style of shades has been a favorite with Julia Roberts. It looks best on square face.Advertisement/faq/faq.html

Designers such as Prabal Gurang, Stella Mc Cartney, Viktor&Rolf are springing out to include the face as a part of their couture market. Very distinctively shaped sunglasses with bright colors and intriquite shapes are popping out all over for Spring Fashion 2012.?Fashionable Sunnies are a completion of any ensemble and this simple accessory assures that you have head to toe fashion covered. Choosing to make a statement should not just stop at merely your garments coiffe your face as well.? Sunglasses are fun to choose and finding the look that works for you is key to creating your perfect "Image Piece."Some tips you may find helpful is to know what your wardrobe pallette is for the season and build your selection of sunglasses on this. Bold fun colored sunglasses are a nice addition to your wardrobe so do not forget to push your fashion envelope and delve into color.?Vintage Sunglasses are a fun and usually unique way to express your fashion sense.? Vintage Sunglasses work for the fashionable men as well, many Vintage Collections such as offer custom tinting of lenses to make your sunglass selection even more SPECtacular.Advertisement"Funny Sunnies" this season if you Dare oil rig sunglasses cheap!

Summer is almost here and the sun is getting brighter! We need a number one accesssory in our fashion list: sunglasses. Why is so important? It protects our eyes from the SUV rays and from getting wrinkles around them, it give us personality and makes us look nice even when we don't have makeup.Have you been almost and hour trying all kind of sunglasses, and don't know which one to choose or which one is in fashion? Ladies, here are some tips on how to pick up the perfect sunglasses.Big and wideRight now the sunglasses that are in fashion are the big and wide ones. Famous such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, etc are one of the most fashion sunglasses icon.?Have a small face and afraid of looking like a fly or a bug? Don't even think about it. Try it on. Many people with small faces can still look like celebrities with large framed glasses.Designer blindFirst, when you enter a store and go to the sunglasses area keep something in mind. It doesn't matter the designer; it could be Dolce?Gabana, Gucci or even Ralph Lauren. Try to go with the one that defines your face and of course, your budget.AdvertisementGo with your gutSecond, choose the ones you like. Choose different colors, but if you'd rather do black, then black it is. If you want, ask the seller for their help and opinion. It comes in handy! Once you look yourself in the mirror, imagine walking in Downtown Orlando with your clothes and those sunglasses. Too big? Try another one or a smaller one. You'll find the right one. Be patient!VisualizeThird, the key is visualizing yourself and feeling comfortable with it, because remember, the sunglasses will speak for you and you need to feel confident. Did you try another one? You like it? Feel the fashion in you? Now you can see who's the designer and how much. You don't need to buy a expensive one like I told you is the one that makes you feel like a queen on the street.Surprise! You found your new sunglasses!It's not that hard, but picking a sunglasses is not the same as picking a nail color!

The best season of the year is near, so it’s time to rack up on the latest digs for the summer! Great summer apparel always needs to be accompanied by great accessories.?One needed accessory for summer is a stylish pair of sunglasses!Among the latest celebrity must-haves are the creative shades designed by CoCo & Breezy, two young eclectic women working out of NYC. From Lady Gaga to Ciara,?a ton of celebrities have been spotted sporting the couture eyewear for photo shoots, videos, and all around Hollywood.With a futuristic feel to them, we have certainly never seen sunglasses like this. Many of the oversized styles are embellished with studs, which will surely make a statement. Who?knew how awesome sunglasses could be?!?The stylish knockouts range from $60 to $200 and can be bought online from CoCo & Breezy’s website .?Start?rocking one of 2011 summer must-haves…Advertisement

Norma Kamali swimwear sizzles with spring and summer beauty wherever the warm weather beckons.?Top spring break fever speaks to all students of life and Norma Kamali swimwear to match the hot spring and summer fun destinations.(Slideshow Norma Kamali swimwear images on the left)Shout out to all the favorite sunshine locals: Miami,?Las Vegas,?South Padre Island,?Honolulu, okay lets cut to the chase:?Mexico, Mexico, Mexico like?Cancun,?Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and last but not least the hometown swimming pool and the backyard slip and slide.?Accessorize with “S”:Sunscreen - (Not optional)Sunglasses - (check out these fabulous shades by NK)Sarong - beach babe cover upSandals - flip flops and zoriesSip on your favorite spring break beverage at sunset?or while you are at play in the sand. (Recommended drinking age 21 years plus)AdvertisementNorma Kamali Fall 2011 Collection and slideshow click link.

Though Katy Perry's wedding photos have not yet been released, some details are beginning to emerge.Her dress? A dove grey Elie Saab gown with lace sleeves, according to one source (perhaps this?)Her procession? Full of elephants, horses, and camels, according to pair of sunglasses designed by A-Morir.The guest list? It's not official, but names like Noel Gallagher, Taylor Swift, Rihanna (who was clearly a no-show), Jonathan Ross ducati plaintiff sunglasses, and Ke$ha have been bandied about.The honeymoon? The Maldives.Her birthday? October 25.The future? Here's wishing the best to them both!AdvertisementIf you enjoyed this article, please subscribe (it's completely anonymous) by using the subscribe button at the top of the screen. You will receive an email every time a new article is published.

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