non-online EL wire shoppingive seen a lot of websites selling El wire, but im not very big on buying online( i know, i know). i need to know where i could get El wire please?iImage Information

clear coated non-kink wire or conductive thread?I'm hunting for fine, non-kink wire or conductive thread.It needs to be coated since I intend to twist two wires together, stripping the coating where I attach an LED.I like the silver/gold colors of the wire, so I want something clear coated.Or if anybody knows of a coating solution that I could apply to my wire/thread, that would work also.Thanks.

hard drive spindle motor?I have a hard drive spindle motor that i have taken off of my old 10 gb Hard drive.I was wondering if i would be able to run this motor off of a pc molex connector.i have extended the wire from the molex plug and touched them to the leads on the motor, but all it does is jerk.I can't get it to stay spinning.Do you have to have a controller mechanism of some sort or what?I have tried the red wire and ground and the yellow wire and ground.They both don't seem to work.Would make a difference if i solder the wire onto the motor?I was just thinking this would make a great fan or something along that order.

The Northtown Branch of the Chicago Public Library?is located at 6435 North California Avenue in Chicago, Illinois 60645.? It is on California Avenue between Devon Avenue (to the south) and Arthur Avenue (to the north) in the West Ridge?Community Area on the Far North Side.Nine miles north of the Loop, West Ridge is Community Area #2, south of the suburb of Evanston, west of Rogers Park?(Community Area #1) and Edgewater (Community Area #77), and east of the suburb of Lincolnwood ?and North Park (Community Area #13).? Roughly the eastern half of West Ridge (east of Western Avenue) is north of Lincoln Square (Community Area #4), while roughly the western half of West Ridge (west of Western Avenue) is both west and north of Lincoln Square.? The part of Lincoln Square it is west of is occupied by Rosehill Cemetery.Advertisement[1]For most of the 19th Century, this was a rural area.? St. Henry��s Parish was the religious and social center of the community.? Most of the land was covered by truck farms and greenhouses or remained prairieland.? Large amounts of land not devoted to agriculture were covered by Rosehill Cemetery (now in Lincoln Square), St. Henry��s Cemetery, and Angel Guardian Orphanage.[2]In 1885, there were forty-four frame houses in West Ridge.? In 1891, two-thirds (or about 200) of the roughly 300 residents of West Ridge were farmers.[3]Disagreements with Rogers Park over real estate taxes and the legality of taverns within the four-mile alcohol-free zone called for under the original charter of Northwestern University in Evanston led to incorporation as a separate village �C the Village of West Ridge - on November 22, 1890.? On Tuesday, April 4, 1893 oakley frogskins sale, the City of Chicago annexed the Village of West Ridge.? However, the number of residents remained below 500 after the turn of the century.[4]West Ridge residents were distrustful of the proposed North Shore Park District that would have covered land between Devon Avenue and the city limits.? To landowners in West Ridge, this seemed like a scheme to get them help to pay to beautify the lakeshore, which would (chiefly) benefit Rogers Park residents.[5]On April 14, 1896, West Ridge residents voted to establish the Ridge Avenue Park District west of the Chicago & North Western tracks.? The first election for the Ridge Avenue Park Commission was held in 1897.[6]In West Ridge, the Chicago Park District has Rogers Park and Indian Boundary Park to the north, Lerner Park and Chippewa Park to the northwest,? Warren Park and Emmerson Park to the southeast, and Greenbriar Park and Mather Park to the southwest.? In 1934, when theLincoln Park Commission merged with Chicago��s twenty-one other park commissions into the Chicago Park District, Lincoln Park Zoo assumed jurisdiction over the Indian Boundary Park Zoo in West Rogers Park.[7]The Ridge Avenue Park District had begun to acquire land for Indian Boundary Park in 1915, and created the zoo in the mid-1920s.? The name of the park was inspired by its place along the northern boundary of the land chiefs representing the Council of the Three Fires �C Ottawa, Ojibwa, and Potawatomi �C resident along the Chicago and Milwaukee Rivers ceded that formed a corridor between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River under the Treaty of St. Louis (1816).[8]On behalf of the Lincoln Park Zoo, the WPA (Works Progress Administration) built adequate cages for two grizzly bears hitherto enclosed by the same chicken wire as the full-grown bears had been enclosed by since they were cubs.[9]? Today, Indian Boundary Zoo is home to goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks �C farm animals from the Lincoln Park Zoo.[10]Clarence?Hatzfeld designed the Tudor-style fieldhouse (1929), now the Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center, which has American Indian motifs in its interior.? Robert Leathers designed the playground built by area residents in 1989.[11]After 1900, brickyard owners moved their operations from points along the North Branch of the Chicago River to Kedzie Avenue where there were deposits of sand and natural clay.? The Sanitary District of Chicago��s construction in 1909 of the North Shore Channel increased the amount of clay.[12]?[1]Patricia Mooney-Melvin, ��West Ridge,�� Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide. Ed. Ann Durkin Keating. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press (2008), p. 300[2]Mooney-Melvin, p. 300[3]Hank Morris, ��The Cabbageheads,�� 12 June, 2010, The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society ([4]Mooney-Melvin, p. 300See also Morris[5]Morris[6]Ibid[7]Rosenthal, Mark, Carol Tauber, and Edward Uhlir: The Ark in the Park: The Story of Lincoln Park Zoo.? Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press (2003), p. 68 ??See also footnote 19[8]Mooney-Melvin, p. 300[9]Rosenthal, p. 68 [10]Chicago Park District, ��Indian Boundary Park & Cultural Center�� (/index.cfm/fuseaction/parks.detail/object_id/068c3d93-e5f8-4d02-8767-b8a.cfm) Accessed 09/01/10[11]Edward Keegan, ��Close inspection is rewarded at Indian Boundary Park,�� Chicago Tribune, 13 October, 2011(/2011-10-13/entertainment/ct-ent-1013-openhouse-rogerspark-_1_field-house-american-indian-motifs)Accessed 03/21/12See also AIA Guide to Chicago. Ed. Alice Sinkevitch. 2nd edition.? Orlando, Austin, New York, San Diego, Toronto, London: Harcourt, Inc., (2004), p. 249[12]Mooney-Melvin, p. 300

At a recent retreat hosted by Oakley, Asics and Toyota, I was lucky enough to meet up with 2006 Olympic Silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler in snowboarding?? A Kate Hudson look-a-like, Gretchen has the girl next door looks and carefree attitude that one might not believe of an international superstar athlete.?Although she was born a mid-westerner, when they moved to Aspen, CO the snowboarding world had a new princess.? After winning the silver medal and topping the XGames World year after year, she created the first-ever all-girls halfpipe competition and photo shoot called the Snow Angels Invitational.? She truly emits the Oakley branded weekend of Perform Beautifully!Here's a quick interview with Gretchen this past weekend while biking through Napa Valley.How are things going with your training schedule? Gretchen:? My? schedule is always a bit hectic but filled with loads of travel.? I hit new Zealand in August and just boarded Mammoth.Will you be competing in the next 2014 Olympics? Gretchen: I'll be taking this next season to decide.? possibly...How has the sport changed over the years? Gretchen:? It's become more acrobat than ever before but more training tools like pads foam pits and air bags make it safer too.Are you? ever scared? Gretchen:? Yes,? but you visualize every part of it before you do it then you relax commit and hit it.? It's exciting.What makes you different? Gretchen:? I Always wanted to be an Olympian since two years old.? I? played hockey and then started snowboarding- I never thought it wouldn't happen!Advertisementand .

If you are looking for flexible jewelry pieces that can go from day to night or a special occasion, Deana Rose Handmade Jewelry 3856 N. Oakley ave. Chicago,IL. 60618 (773) 478-9776 is definitely the place to shop. You can choose from spectacular earrings, lovely necklaces and dazzling bracelets!? Deana Rose?Handmade Jewelry has elegance and class with just the right touch of fashionable charm. The earrings are stunning pieces that will make feel sophisticated. There is a hoiliday collection along with gemstones and pearls, glass and crystal, silver and gold. So, you know that there will be something there for you to fit your taste and style. Get them now, while they're hot because, they could be out of stock if you don't act quick! Choose from teardrops, hexagon shapes, circles, ovals and more.? Now, if you prefer to shop for a necklace, you won't be disappointed with the collection of sterling pendants, lockets and more. These pieces are full of feminine grace and sweetness and will add great appeal to your style. The sterling silver pieces carry such a daintyness to them, you may want to get one for a dear friend. The bracelets are beautiful and can be a matching set to the pearl earrings and necklaces for a complete look.Advertisementto get a sneak peek of the wonderful and delightful earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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