On tonight's episode of Gossip Girl, "Gaslit", Little J and Juliet are scheming in style.? To see who's wearing what, check out the photo to the left.Catch up on what happened last time on Gossip Girl, "Witches of Bushwick""Gaslit" - Chuck (Ed Westwick), Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), Dan (Penn Badgley), Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and Eric (Connor Paolo) find themselves faced with a crisis when a member of one of their families is hospitalized.? Meanwhile, Nate (Chace Crawford) attempts to help his parents, The Captain (guest star Sam Robards) and Anne (guest star Francie Swift), put their complicated past behind them and reconcile.?AdvertisementPhotos from "Gaslit"Katie Cassidy guest stars as Juliet.? Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. (#410).You can find Karah Leigh on Twitter and Facebook.

As we approach the last few weeks of this school year, many classes are taking field trips and having end-of-the-year parties. Please check with your child's teacher for such events. As always, the events listed here can change or be canceled without prior notification from this website. Please check individual school websites for rescheduled events. If you do not see your school listed, no events were reported.Oneonta Elementary SchoolCongratulations to the Top 15 who earned a trip to Alabama Adventure. These 5th grade students excelled in Math or Science to claim a spot for the trip. Stephanie Brown, Roger Arriaga, Ethan Roe, Zachary Walker, Ryan McAndrews, Will Bearden, Wes Standridge, Deven Tinsley, Brody Moore http://www.incompany.com/blog.php?user=curtpratt1024&blogentry_id=603440, Kevin Crim, Arian Phillips, Anna Frey, Alan Oakley, Anthony Lochamy, Andrea Morton, A.J. Elrod, Mackenzie Nelson, Hannah Duke, Heriberto Venegas, Katie Pate, Eithan Ledding, Samantha Mendez, Victor Sanchez, Ryan Guthrie, Ashleigh Steadman, Claudia Hudson, Quentin Heffley,?Hope Lunsford, Darwin Arriaga, and Leah Blakely.AdvertisementOneonta High SchoolThe Spring Musical "Back to the 80's" will be on Friday-high school performance is $3 for students and elementary cost for students is $2Blount County SchoolsAll Blount County Schools will extend their school day by one hour beginning May 9 to make up for missed snow/ice days in January. The means the buses will arrive one hour later than usual to return children from school.Cleveland High SchoolMay 10-Band Concert 7 p.m.Locust Fork High SchoolMay 10-May DaySusan Moore High SchoolTickets are on sale to enter the drawing for a free IPAD, proceeds go towards next year's prom. Tickets are $1

The coolest getaway from the desert heat is?Mount Charleston, located in Las Vegas, and just 35 miles away from The Strip. Nestled amongst the Spring Mountains, Mt. Charleston looms about 12,000 feet above sea level and temperatures are typically 20 to 30 degrees cooler. The invigorating mountain air and ice cold springs make this place one of Las Vegas' favorite attractions year round.?Activities are endless, as are the many opportunities to accessorize while enjoying this fabulous vacation.When visiting during ski season, which can sometimes extend past Memorial Day, combine function with fashion and pack a great pair of?Gucci ski goggles. This style, shown in the slide show, comes in three variations and retail at $195. You can get this fabulous eye protection at Gucci.com and at ?Gucci boutiques on Las Vegas Blvd.Ski, snowboard, or just lounge around in?designer snow boots?by?Christian Dior,?Burberry?or even?Jeremy Scott by Adidas. Have a relaxing dinner at the lodge in a snug pair of?Jimmy Choo Uggs, with your choice of fringe, studs or Tibetan fur details.?Advertisementtheequestriancorner.comGet great hiking accessories at any sporting goods store. Keep your hands free with high quality walkie talkie watches and a high end backpack, essential for serious hikers and backpackers, and the?Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack?is an excellent choice. The?Keen Targhee II?mid hiking boot is the go-to footwear for both men and women.?Have fun on your next visit and always remember to be safe and stylish when thrill seeking in Las Vegas!

So Hamlet begins a run at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre next month, and you would like your students to experience it as it is meant to be experienced, but there is one problem: you teach elementary?or middle school.? Never fear.? You can still expose them to the literary elements found in the classic play through a medium they are more likely to understand--a Disney movie.It's not a secret that The Lion King (1994) was?inspired in part by?Hamlet.? But your young students probably do not know that, and by studying the Disney story now, perhaps they can be better prepared to study the classic play later.The basic plots of the two stories are the same: the king is murdered by his brother, who wants the throne for himself.? The murdered king appears to his son in a vision.??The son kills his uncle.? Character parallels would be, then, Mufasa and King Hamlet, Scar and Claudius, and Simba and Prince Hamlet.? Even some of the minor characters in the two stories are parallels of each other.AdvertisementA close analysis of the two main characters' personalities will show similarities: both tend to be depressed loners, for example.Of course, whereas Hamlet's life ends tragically, Simba lives and becomes king.? His story has a more kid-friendly ending, as is fitting for and expected?of a Disney movie.? Simba is a definite hero.? But couldn't we say that Hamlet, even in death--or maybe especially in death--is a hero too?? Ultimately, he saves the kingdom from the rule of Claudius and leaves it in good hands.Clearly, the themes of the two stories are the same:?jealousy, envy, deception,?familial conflict oakley oil rig replica, the struggle of good vs. evil, and the restoration of?natural, rightful order.? All are concepts that young students may not understand in the context of Hamlet, but in the context of The Lion King, they could easily understand them.So while you enjoy Hamlet at the Rep, allow your young students to enjoy The Lion King.? And?if you teach older students M FRAME SWEEP, consider having them study both.? Then have them study Romeo and Juliet and its parallels to The Lion King 2.? But, alas, that discussion is for another day . . .Hamlet runs at the Rep October 29-November 14.? See therep.org for more information.

Ankle pain after running has many possible causes. In fact, some causes of ankle pain that occurs after running you��ll probably be surprised at.Let��s look at several causes of ankle pain after running or jogging, according to Juliet Deane, Elitefts staff member, Elitefts-sponsored figure athlete, personal trainer (NSCA) and co-owner of The Training Studio, NJ.?��Continuing to wear worn-out, unsupportive sneakers,�� is one such cause of ankle discomfort that not only can occur after running, but during the exercise. ��New sneaks are an investment in your health just like your gym membership or fitness coach,�� says Deane.? ��Taking care of your body means taking care of your feet, so don��t skimp on quality footwear.��The next cause of ankle discomfort following a running session: ��Having tight muscles in your feet:? Try using a tennis or lacrosse ball to massage your feet before and after you run; makes a huge difference,�� says Deane.��Stability starts in your foot, and if the muscles are tight and inflexible, your ankles might be the first to feel it, while also putting them at risk for injury.? While you run and exercise, your foot grips the floor for stability just like your fingers would if you were walking on your hands.? Massaging those muscles will not only bring some relief to your feet and ankles, but also prevent pulls and strains in your ankles and calves.��AdvertisementKnee pain behind kneecap from running? Causes and solutionsThe amazing difference running with hand weights makesOverweight and self-conscious about jogging outdoors? Great tips!Top 3 risk factors for running injuriesMigraine headache relief: aerobics vs. drugs

In addition to the various public and state libraries in Sacramento where else can Sacramento women find research on recent and past issues in the news and vital topics online such as rising food prices, marriage, or economic discontent? You might try the various research links at the Muslims To Make Majority of Earth's Population in Near Future," and ��Muslims continue to conquer the world,�� every fourth person on earth is Islamic, according to the Department of Religion, atPew Research Center. One billion 570 million Muslims are on Earth. If they have four or five children per family, they will soon outnumber any other religion. Some European countries, such as Switzerland are banning the building of large minarets. Is it true that two-thirds of the Imams in France are on welfare?Are large houses of worship being built to make a statement when the community using the facilities is still small? Is the statement about more people soon will be arriving or joining the community? Will the host country be accepted by the community as one big, happy extended family? What are the issues really about?Sixty percent of Islamic people live in Asia, but only 20 percent live in the Middle East and North Africa. But where do the rest live? More than 300 million live in countries where Islam is not the religion of the countries in which the Muslims live.The number of Americans that study Islam is growing steadily, even more rapidly since 9/11. Just three years ago, in a Pew Research Center poll, 45 percent of Americans feared Muslims, thinking the religion is associated with violence. But by 2009, the number of Americans thinking about violence and Islam dropped to only 38 percent, with 41 percent of Americans knowing that the Quran is the holy book of Muslims.When it comes to finance, numerous analysts think that the Islamic financial system would suffer least from a world-wide financial crisis because Islam bans the interest collection rate. For further information, check out the article, ��Islam teaches good lesson to Western financial system.��The big picture question is, in the future, if Muslims make up the majority of the world��s population, in the United States, will Hispanics make up the majority of America��s population due to the difference in birth rates between families of various ethnic origins in the USA and/or Europe? If so, who will make up the majority of the world��s population in the near future��Hispanics, Muslims, Chinese, Indians, or a diverse society based on intermarriage between all of these groups?The birthrate in Europe is decreasing. See the articles, ��Decreasing birth rates in Europe: reasons and remedies,�� and ��The EU's baby blues: Birth rates in the European Union are falling ...�� Demographic decline causes anxiety because it is thought to go hand-in-hand with economic decline, according to the March 16, 2009 article, ��The EU��s baby blues: Birth rates in the European Union are falling fast,�� by Stefan Fobes. Some European nations face a fiscal burden due to fewer young workers to pay health care and pension expenses of the older generation.In Europe, the dependency ratio of those aged 65 and over to those of working age looks set to double from one-to-four to one-to-two in 2050. One of the countries with the lowest birth rate in Europe is Italy, where the population could shrink by as much as one third by 2050. To remedy the situation, one city began to offer couples 10,000 euros for each newborn baby. But will cash incentives increase the European population?According to the article, ��The EU��s baby blues: Birth rates in the European Union are falling fast,�� one study suggests that, ��even when cash allowances are boosted by 25%, the fertility rate climbs just marginally �C perhaps by as little as 0.6%.��Why European women are having fewer children has a lot to do with how generous are the maternity leave programs and state-subsidized child care quality.Swedish and French birth rates may be higher than in much of Europe. The only problem is even the Swedes and the French aren��t producing 2.1 children per woman needed to keep a population stable. On the other hand, it��s difficult to work with more than one child unless you��re paid enough. European women are having small families by choice. For example, women in Germany are supposedly satisfied with one child, and some families in Germany choose to be child-free rather than child-less.With more immigrants flowing into Europe for study or work from Islamic countries or Eastern Europe, you can predict what type of new community buildings are going up all over Europe to accommodate the various ethnic communities. Western Europeans may be buying land in Eastern Europe. For example, Dutch tourists feeling packed-in around densely-populated Amsterdam are buying up land and moving to Eastern Poland, Bialystok, for example, or the rural, quiet, wolf-populated heavily forested areas near the Poland/Belarus border.The key is can the diverse groups of immigrants in Europe get along with one another? Are they respecting their host country? And are the jobs offered to them of high quality where they can move up the ladder of success and education equally?That��s the issues the world is facing��population declines, financial issues, and declining birth rates in favor of better working conditions and educational opportunities for men and women in European countries. You can think about how the communities are changing in Europe, but are they also changing slowly or rapidly in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and any other area on Earth?Also see the articles, ��Global Gender Gaps - Pew Research Center for the People & the Press,�� and��America's Place in the World II: Questionnaire Part II - Pew Research Center...�� Also see articles, ��America's immigration quandary,�� and ��Trends in political values and core attitudes: 1987-2007 political .�� Meanwhile more immigrants are entering Europe, the United States, and Latin America. And the construction in the USA and in Europe of large community houses of worship continues to be built.The question is how does the host country feel about the construction of huge minarets, for example, with loud announcements to attend services in a USA or N. European society where most people have watches and cell phones and know where the community house of worship or center is located? ?In the USA as in some European countries or even in Latin America, what happens if, say a Mosque is built right next to a church which is built next to a synagogue, built next to a Buddhist pagoda, built next to a Sikh temple or Hindu temple built next to a secular humanist meeting hall. Will they all get along pretty good?Will members of each religion be able to walk to his or her own house of worship feeling safe in the unity of all the diverse immigrants, ethnic populations, and long-time residents--to worship in total freedom? That's what counts most, the feeling of being in the presence of those with whom one feels safe. And will all these diverse groups stand together in unity supporting members of other religions when the community needs to connect in friendship? Or will there be fear in the Romeo and Juliet sense -- such as what if the children become friends with kids outside their communities?Will it all work out in the long run to give each of us a feeling of safety, community, and connectedness because we are all members of the human race?Pew Research Survey ReportsNovember 18, 2009 Sign up to receive the Pew Research Center newsletter, a regular email update with new analysis on politics, the media and more. The newsletter also offers a round-up of recent releases from all eight projects of the Center.Quick ViewMost of the World Still Does Without - Pew Research Center for the People and the PressModest Coverage, Broad Interest in Pet Food RecallsPsychology of Bad Times Fueling Consumer Cutbacks: Section 2Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media: Section 1?Bush's Base Backs Him to the Hilt: Other Important Findings Interest In Gas Prices Remains High: Summary of Findings - Pew Gas Prices Dominate the Public's Economic News Agenda: SummaryPerformance and Purpose; Constituents Rate Government Agencies Economic Discontent Deepens as Inflation Concerns Rise: Summary of rising food prices

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